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The Team

Josh Fisher

Josh Fisher

Lead Animator
Mike Bal

Mike Bal

Founder and Lead Creator

About Our Work

“We’ve seen some fun six-second Vine stories come from the good people at Creatures of Content. The folks there always find clever ways to bring Action Vinyls to life in a way that spurs the imagination, and drives the conversation. We appreciate the light-hearted playful style of their content, and hope we can continue to see them grow and succeed.”

The Loyal Subjects

“The Vines from Creatures of Content are some of the most creative works we’ve seen that focus specifically on the items in each month’s crate. We always love when people take everything a step further, use their imaginations, and create new stories out of what we’re providing. Creatures of Content provides a great example of the way we try to bring joy, fun, and inspiration into the lives of our Looters every month.”

Loot Crate